Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This is the kindness survey for blogs. Have you done anything kind lately?

1) Name one or some of your kind acts that you have done today.
I gave Rez a MicroSD card + adapter F.O.C. I gave Rez his early b'day present [Sum 41 album Underclass Heroes]. I lent my bike to a restaurant owner and a French guy because they wanted to test it out?

2) How about unkind stuff?
Intention of prank calling the arse of a Streamyx call center to piss off their monotonous workers.

3) Why did you do the kind stuff stated in 1?
I had too many tech stuff that I already have a few of or don't need, Rez spotted the CD and asked me about it, and because I knew these people (hanging out at the BU bike shop).

4) Why on earth would you do that as stated in 2?!
Because 1 - Streamyx sucks, 2 - Their workers sucks, 3 - Their service sucks, 4 - Frekkin' slow connection, 5 - It was a con-job, 6 - Streamyx sucks, 7 - Streamyx sucks

5) So did you think you pulled it off as a kind person today?
Well to say something here I think I am a generally kind person; it's just that you guys always think I make jokes here and there - open your eyes and see, fool! Me is a good person (:


That is the album that I bought for Rez.
Underclass Hero, performed by Sum 41.

Picture courtesy of Slovakian Sum 41 Fangroup

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