Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Snippets #27: Cyclo-Crash, Cacat Club

Last Friday, at around 7:45 pm I was cycling back in the rain from Saiful's new house. As I cornered a junction, my bike tyres slipped on a sand spill on the road. It was WET and before I knew it I was faceplanted on the ground. Groaning and slightly confused at the split-second fall, I mustered up the strength to push my body up and sat in the middle of the road, groaning. What to do after a fall?

Inspect your injuries. Yeah? Okay so I was looking at my right knee.. there is a strangely large WHITE spot on the knee.. also noticed two white spots on my feet. Suddenly the white spot on the knee turned pinkish-red and blood finally emerged and started flowing down my thighs into my pants. (I was sitting down). Skin tore right off, gone. As expected. My arms are scraped all around. My right palm had a small spot that has been skinned just like my knee. Double groan. Must there be so many spots?

**You were here for the pics, weren't you? Not for the pregnant ladies. Scroll down.**

I was rubbing my chin due to some gatal feeling and saw blood.. triple groan! My chin too?! What I did next was to scream. I was screaming "ARGH!" and no one heard me. Except some bangla labor workers in a under-construction house nearby. They waved at me and shouted a shrill "
"WUUUI! at me. Then they waved at me some more and went back into the shady darkness of the construction site. Annoyed at them, I raised a middle finger towards the construction site.

Suddenly.. I saw a bright light. Could this be.. salvation? Nah, it was a Proton Perdana. The vehicle stopped before me and a middle-aged lady came out of the car with an umbrella saying "Are you okay?!", yeah you get it. She called my mom after successfully extorting my house number from me. Within 1 minute the familiar engine roar of a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado came within earshot. The Land Cruiser pulled up beside me and the windows rolled down.. my parents were there. Blablabla, I went to the nearby clinic, got an injection to prevent infections and had my wounds cleaned and all those stuff.

Anyway, pictures.

Skinned wrist/palm. Hard to write now.

Free shaving?

The one near the ankle looks like a bulletshot wound!

You haven't seen it after I took off the plaster.. dayumm.

Guess what? I'm in the Cacat Club now. If anyone has noticed, both me and Nabilah (the cheerleader) is limping in school now. We both have injured legs haha. So we're like temporary OKU's (Orang Kurang Upaya).

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